This is the Old J Seeds website, and it is a small virtual copy of us, to whom we dedicate time and passion every day.

Old J Seeds was born in Spain in 2020 with the initial idea of dedicating his work to the preservation of mutant and lander species.
With the sudden social change that came with the < em>Covid-19 we have decided to expand and also use "elite" clones collected, exchanged and obtained during our professional growth journey.
This is how we began to "mix" our best genetics, giving life to our first breeding projects and two years later, we boast genetics such as "Jessy Juice", "Theia", "Banana Cheese Pudding" , "Pancake", "Forbidden Crepes", some of which also received cup awards.

We have always collaborated with European breeders, growers from all over the world and with one of the largest European supersoil and organic amendment companies.

Old J Seeds Shop was born on 1 January 2023 with the intention of conveying our principles of bio-organic cultivation to as many growers as possible, committing ourselves to keeping the prices of our seeds among the most competitive on the market, in order to be easy to access for everyone as per our ethics and to offer all our customers a selection of seeds for vegetable gardens, flowers and atypical plants and the best cultivation products.

Our passion in your garden!